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Stories from small to large

  • 11/06/2024

    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Your Guide to a Successful Interview

    Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome? Have you ever felt undeserving of your career accomplishments? As if at any moment someone might expose you a... Read More +

  • 08/05/2024

    Turn the Tables: Five Key Questions to Pose in Your Next Job Interview

    Job interviews are not just opportunities for employers to gauge candidates' suitability; they are a crucial juncture for candidates to assess the... Read More +

  • 23/04/2024

    From Office to Oasis: Convincing Your Boss to Embrace Flexibility

    Introduction As the traditional boundaries of the 9-to-5 office routine blur into a mosaic of non-standard working patterns, the concept of workpla... Read More +

  • 19/04/2024

    Spotting the Signs: Predicting a Candidate's Likelihood to Accept a Counter Offer

    In the competitive world of recruitment, the concept of a counter offer has become a pivotal moment in the dance between employer and prospecti... Read More +

  • 09/04/2024

    Candidate Testimonial March 2024

    'Engaging with the Cloud 9 team was nothing but positive. The listening and attention to detail ensured my career plan aligned with a top opportun... Read More +

  • 09/04/2024

    Mastering the Virtual Handshake: Tips for a Winning TEAMS Interview

    Introduction The shift towards remote work has significantly increased the reliance on virtual interviews as a key component of the modern job mark... Read More +

  • 12/03/2024

    Advancing Your Career: How to Ask for the Recognition and Pay You Deserve

    Introduction Recognition and fair compensation are cornerstones of professional satisfaction and growth. They are not only reflections of your valu... Read More +

  • 14/02/2024

    Candidate Testimonial January 2024

    I contacted Clare at Cloud 9 Recruitment after hearing good things about her from a colleague. Clare is not like a typical Recruiter - she is very att... Read More +

  • 12/01/2024

    Pitfalls of Accept a Counter Offer at Resignation

    Introduction Counter offers from employers can be tempting, but it's important to consider the potential consequences before making a decision.... Read More +

  • 08/12/2023

    Candidate Testimonial December 2023

    "I’m still on a high from yesterday’s announcement. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support over these past few mont... Read More +

  • 29/11/2023

    Candidate Testimonial November 2023

    Earlier this year, I was looking for a new role: a very specific role with certain conditions.  Without hesitation, I contacted Yvonne from Clou... Read More +

  • 17/08/2023

    Preparing for a Remote Interview

    Preparing for a TEAMS/ZOOM/Remote interview can feel tricky, but with the right approach, it can be a great opportunity to show off your skills and la... Read More +

  • 14/06/2023

    Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

    Working with a Recruitment Agency: Advantages, Tips, and What to Look for Recruitment agencies have long since been a primary source of employment ... Read More +

  • 30/01/2018

    Is The Job Right for YOU?

    You start a new job and within a month or so, honeymoon period over, you realise it's just not for you for whatever reason, or worse and extremely con... Read More +

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