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Is The Job Right for YOU?

You start a new job and within a month or so, honeymoon period over, you realise it's just not for you for whatever reason, or worse and extremely confidence damaging; your new employer feels you're not right for them and makes it perfectly clear.  I'm sure this has happened to a lot of us at some time or other in our career. Do you accept some responsibility? It's harsh but accepting a new position and your career is your responsibility....don't get agitated with me here please...read on & I'll tell you why.

Contrary to what many people think an interview is a two way process, it is just as important for you to gain as much insight from the person who is interviewing you about the role, company and culture to validate if this is a progressive long term opportunity for you. Many people approach an interview with a primary focus on putting their best selves forward and gaining interest from the interviewer to land the job. Whilst its obviously important for you to make a good, truthful first impression - it's your career and livelihood, you must quantify if this company and job is right for you too! The more questions you ask the more you will be able to establish if you're making the right move or not.

Interviewers expect questions from candidates, in fact if you haven't prepared enough or you don't ask enough questions it can go against you. What to ask? Enough questions so that when you are leaving the interview you know enough about the organisation, the job itself, your potential new boss & the culture as to whether you'd like to work for them and would fit into their organisation. Don't be afraid of asking questions, this is your career and you are responsible for it, the last thing a company wants to do is recruit the wrong person and must repeat the process so plan your questions beforehand, write them down and ensure you have the answers to all of them by the time the interview reaches a close. Likewise, do you really want to job hunt and go through the pressure of securing a new role again?  

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