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Psychometric & Skills Assessment

Working in Partnership with Your Business to Maximise Workforce Performance

Psychometric and Skills Assessments naturally compliments the Search and Selection process, providing more tangible insights into potentially strong candidates before appointing.

Specialising in 15FQ+ your business can benefit directly during the Search and Selection process when working with Cloud 9 Recruitment; integrating Psychometric and Skills Testing as an added tool to support you in your screening process and in your final decision when hiring.

Independent of any Recruitment Assignments Cloud 9 also works with businesses at utilising Skills and Psychometric Assessments to support change management or growth & development plans on a separate consultative basis. Please get in touch if you have identified that any of the following changes are likely to impact your business in the future and would like to learn more how Assessment products and solutions can maximise your workforce performance.

Stories from small to large

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  • 30/01/2018

    Psychometric Assessments for Workforce Planning

    When I first started my development and training program with Psytech International to qualify as a Psychometric and Skills assessor, I have to adm... Read More +

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