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Create Your Own CV

Your CV is a crucial document explaining in the best way (that it is able to do) the best of your skills, knowledge, work experience, education and training and also you as a person.  It does not matter how much experience or how many qualifications you have, if this isn't written and laid out correctly you will not secure the main purpose of what it is supposed to do – provide a truthful, professional enlightenment of your experience and skills to get you in front of potential new employers for a Job Interview when applying for Job Vacancies.  This is YOUR Brochure and it is the first impression potential employers will have about you, make it a positive one from the outset.


In this Blog I will be sharing with you how to create a CV that can work for you and also critical information regarding what a Recruiter/Employer is looking for and how your CV works against the “Job Description” of the role you are applying for.  I will share with you what it is that makes a CV get read all the way through from start to finish.  I will also show you a simple format to use in creating your own CV, whether you are starting from scratch or updating your existing one.


The Format


This is simple and need not be over complicated; if you use this format you will ensure all the relevant information is present in your CV.  I have listed the format as below with further explanation of what to include in each section.  DO use a simple font and don’t use great elaborate italics, DON’T use colours, DON’T do it all in bold – only use bold and underlining to highlight main headers or a particular unique skill or achievement you have which sets you apart from others.

You are not obliged to include your age, religion or marital status on your CV, it against UK Recruitment and Employment law to discriminate against Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage & Civil Partnership, Pregnancy & Maternity, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex or Sexual Orientation, it is your personal choice if you wish to include your age, family details or anything else!




Personal Details



Home Telephone:



I hold a full and clean UK Driving License/Or not!!

I am willing to re-locate for the right position/I’m not willing to re-locate


Personal Profile ( 3 lines max – I am an experienced Customer Services Manager for a small independent  Polymer company with 5 years experience managing a team of 8……..)

Career Objectives (I am looking to join a large corporate organisation in the Corrugated Packaging industry that can support my career ambitions and develop me into a Managerial position……)

Key Career Achievements (Bullet Points Only)

Career To Date

Current Role (Always first on your CV)

Name of Employer:                               Job Title:

Dates From and to Present (Or leaving Month and Year if no longer employed here)

Brief overview of what the business does

EXAMPLE – CDG is a world leading manufacturer of Widgets with 34 factories worldwide and 3 they have in the UK.  They turnover roughly £34million pa

Key Achievements (Bullet Point Only)

Example –

Written paragraph of your role here and your main responsibilities


My main responsibility within the role I currently hold is to develop new business opportunities in the South of England, whilst maintaining and further developing my existing portfolio of accounts.  Selling their high range Widget the industry sectors I sell into are predominantly furniture and electronics with companies who spend in excess of £5000 pa on our products.  I am also responsible for achieving high level customer service, negotiating and implementing tenders whilst achieving sales targets set by the company.  I enjoy also mentoring the internal sales team and working closely with Production and the Design department.  I have achieved my sales targets year on year at levels of £$£$£$ and work closely with the Sales Director in setting objectives both for myself and other Sales Team members monthly, quarterly and annually.

Previous Roles

Name of Employer:                               Job Title:

Dates From and to Present (Or leaving Month and Year if no longer employed here)

Brief overview of what the business does… follow suit as per Current position

Education & Qualifications

Further Training (Yes – please do include as much as you can on here even if it’s in house training)




Other Information

References can be supplied on request following or at Interview

And now for the real nitty gritty…….

The Job Description

The Job Description is not just a document to attract suitable candidates – or for advertising purpose only, whether you are applying for vacancies through a Recruitment Agency or an Employer you can bet your bottom dollar that it contains critical information regarding what they are looking for in the successful candidate.  Generally speaking the top 3-4 requirements in the “Person Specification” or “Ideal candidate” bit are the most important.  If it says you must possess certain qualifications or key experience in a particular field at the top of this section and you don’t have any of them– don’t waste your time applying.  On the other hand if you do read through the information required of the desired candidate and if further down the list there are elements you don’t have experience in – include what you’re prepared to do on gaining this if successful and how you have achieved a similar learning curve previously in your career – all good to put in your covering letter – but make the statement early in this document.

Use the Job Description and flip this knowledgeable document round – be honest with yourself and envisage that you are reading your CV for the first time as the hirer….would you select you for interview from your CV – does it match the Job Description fairly well?  Do you have right experience?  If it’s a downright NO, move on and find a position to apply that would be more suitable for your skill set, save yourself the stress, disappointment and time.  Recruiters are looking for these key things against a Job Description – Location, money, experience & lots of job movements – a lot are frowned upon, they’re seen as a ‘risk’ should they employ you – brutal but it is the truth.

Do adjust your CV to the role – but be truthful, if you have experience in 2 or 3 different areas have 2 or 3 CV’s which highlight these differences and use the CV which is most relevant to a particular role, but always, always be honest.  Its key to keep your CV to 2-3 pages with RELEVANT information about your career, roles going back 20 years which have no impact should be short and sweet or even something such as “1979-1988 various skill gaining/learning/development roles in a different sector”

Are you still with me………?



A Final Word

I know this takes a lot of time to create and hopefully you’ve got a good memory! On the plus side is you’ll find as you write down your career to date and all he achievements you have accomplished it does actually make you feel a sense of pride, achievement and confidence.  You may also find that it highlights areas of your career which you have really enjoyed or didn’t liked very much, this in turn could help define what you are looking for in your next career move, what works for you, what type of company and role would make you feel happy working in.  No-one can really do your CV but yourself, I know there are a lot of companies who will write and lay one out for you but don’t forget the words that YOU write in your CV do build up a mental profile about who YOU are when it’s being read, take control of this process, do ask for help and advice but make it your own work of art.

Happy Job Hunting smiley Yvonne Redhead DipRP

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